We are experts in delivering bar consultancy services for clients in the hospitality and events industry.

Whether you are opening a brand new site, updating an existing venue, need a refresher training for your team or want to implement a bar into an events venue, we can help.

With an unparalleled team of passionate, caring and trusted experts, who have been working at the cutting edge of the bar industry for over 20 years, we can provide unrivalled insights into the latest trends and innovations.

Our services include:

  • Bar development & organization (concept, bar layout, equipment sourcing, systems implementation) according to the needs and budget
  • High-level techniques
  • Staff hiring & training
  • Menu development (cocktail list, wine list & food pairing)
  • Bar optimization (product & suppliers support)
  • Assistance in opening a new business or provide solutions to existing businesses
  • Marketing & design
  • Event bar catering


Our experts can provide consulting services on the concept development, the bar layout, the venue design, the business strategy and the operational procedures, among others. They will walk you through what is required to create a practical bar setup that works efficiently and continues to grow more successfully over time.

Our services include a deep market research, to help you identify ideal customer profile, location, competitors and develop your bar business strategy. We can also help you define your business goals and develop the tactics and strategies to maximize profitability.

We will organize your bar in an ergonomic way, so you can work easily and quickly, increasing the efficiency of your bartenders. We will provide you with all the necessary equipment, based on the requirements of your business, and all the tools a professional bartender needs. We create a complete list of ingredients and spirits that we recommend, to help you choose suppliers.

We can custom design your cocktail, wine & spirits lists, add signature cocktails in-line with your bar profile and give you innovative ideas that will make you stand out from the competition.

Furthermore, our experienced sommeliers can assist with food pairing suggestions for the outmost customer experience.

Our services include tying your beverage program with a successful pricing strategy to help you increase profitability, by balancing the product quality and its cost as well as innovative and fresh ideas that will make you stand out from the competition.


Bar owners and managers are typically too consumed with performing day-to-day duties to continually evaluate big picture matters in bar operations. This can result in:

  • Incorrect pricing
  • Promotions not making financial sense for the business
  • High inventory investment on low rotating products reducing cash liquidity
  • Policies under-defined or ill-defined, resulting in profit shrinkage
  • Practices not inline with ownership goals

There are many technics to optimize your operations which range from the ergonomic organization of the bar to make efficient use of your resources, to the right equipment and use of smart technology, to selection of proper suppliers and products, to pricing strategy and recipes standardization. And there are much more to it; managing all of these is crucial to your business success and profitability and BART experts have both the network and experience to help you make the right choices.

Cocktail menu redesign

We create a complete list of ingredients and spirits, to help you choose the right suppliers and thus create a profitable list of drinks that will balance the quality of a product in relation to its cost. We also reach agreements with suppliers to improve your profit.

We design a new menu of signature cocktails or renew the old one and suggest cocktails depending on the occasion with seasonal and thematic lists of fresh ingredients. We use state-of-the-art equipment for all preparations and serving techniques. We are constantly monitoring new trends and developments in the field of gastronomy to implement them to our every creation.

Financial & Inventory

Profits are directly related to cost control. We help you with food and beverage costing processes, ensuring that you have full control over your beverage stock. We present to you how you can increase your profit with different sales techniques and customer service strategies.


Our team can assist in hiring qualified people to ensure consistency and high standards of service.

Alternatively, we can train your existing staff and help you develop systems and tactics to enhance the guest experience. This includes training on service standards, product knowledge, minimising wastage, dealing with customers and upselling.

We also offer a wide range of hospitality courses from drink masterclasses and professional bartender courses to advanced management techniques, providing a customized solution to your business needs.

Quality assurance

We offer a complete care package, where we can constantly monitor the performance of your bar. There is a variety of ways including secret buyer programs combined with action plans, continuous staff training and menu development, and of course the call consulting service. We support your business with frequent visits and constant communication for as long as you wish.

Your personnel training package includes:

  • learn the parts of the bar and be able to set up and operate it effectively
  • practice handling the tools and equipment of the bar
  • get to know the types of glasses and learn to sort each drink in the corresponding glass
  • Basic principles of setting up and operating/organizing bars
  • Develop the bartender’s work (knowledge, skills, accuracy, efficiency, qualifications)
  • Basic principles of serving drinks & recent trends in bartending
  • Product knowledge, Mise en Place, Decoration
  • Crisis Management (customer complaints, difficult situations) & Stock management
  • Basic sales techniques & serving techniques, Customer interaction techniques
  • Cost Management (instructions, raw material management, avoiding waste)
  • Integration of hygiene rules, space & equipment principles & serve safely products 
  • Development of drink menu and cocktails
  • New techniques and information on global cocktail trends and methodology  
  • Get to know all the auxiliary products needed for the preparation of cocktails, learn to choose the best and freshest ingredients
  • Practice making garnish and follow the decoration rules of each cocktail
  • Practice the different ways of making cocktails
  • The rules of mixing
  • Training in the art and secrets of espresso
  • Tasting of different coffee varieties