Every concept begins with an idea

However, to successfully bring a concept to reality

requires more than just a good idea

The core product of the concept has to be fully developed, the right consultants and designers need to be hired, the branding needs to correctly reflect the concept’s vision and the right kitchen equipment needs to be purchased. These are just several of the many challenges and obstacles that are present when it comes to concept development. 

Our pool of hospitality experts can assist in ensuring a successful concept development. We are aware of the latest innovations and trends in the market which play a key part in the decision-making process within concept development stages.

Our Concept Development involves three parties: our chosen branding company and architects. Every concept begins with an idea, yet the core product is your menu. The difference between failure and success is how much development has been put into the core product; the menu. We create an appetite for your concept.

We strongly emphasize the importance of culinary development. In order to grow, thrive and connect with new and existing markets, it is vital for restaurants to stay ahead and embrace the latest trends and innovations of the hospitality world. What is the core product of your menu? Our experienced team of experts can assist in culinary development, adding a new and exciting dimension to menus. From menu creation to the micro details of crockery design we will ensure your culinary offering is second to none.


We offer innovative and effective ways to present and promote new or existing brands and products.

Marketing your bar business is now important more than ever before. We can help you to increase your online brand visibility, attract more customers and turn them into loyals with the right tools and strategies.


With this term, we refer to a wide range of digital marketing services (Google Adwords, SEO, Social Media, Email Marketing, Mobile Campaigns) always with the guidance and cooperation of our customers and based on the specific needs of each brand / business.

We provide end-to-end digital solutions based on customer goals as well as targeted and personalized campaigns for optimal results.

  • Creation, management & strategic communication on Social Media
  • Digital Advertising & Social Media Strategy
  • Creating & coordinating events
  • Development of the Press Kit & Corporate identity
  • Loyalty programs
  • Press Kit development & creative design
  • Press Releases

Event Bar Catering

We create extraordinary event bars for our clients, curated to every detail. Whether you are planning a corporate event, a grand new opening or a big celebration (i.e. wedding), one thing is certain: we will provide an unforgettable experience.

Our approach in the planning of your event is to give you as much flexibility and choice as possible with great care taken in every detail of the preparation. We offer a personal service, tailored to your needs to ensure a memorable occasion along with competitive prices and we can cater for events of all sizes in a variety of locations.

What we can offer:

  • Full bar set up including fridges, glassware, ice and bar equipment.
  • Cocktail menus.
  • Best of bartenders: Our bartenders are our most important asset. Professional and responsive, attentive and highly qualified.

Whether you are planning a corporate party, grand opening, intimate gathering or big wedding celebration, we will serve up a memorable experience.


We’ll work with you to put together a creative cocktail menu according to the theme of your party or concept of your company.



Experienced, professional, customer-oriented bartenders working quick and efficient will attract the attention of your guests and bring your party to a five-star level. You will be provided with fully stocked bars, professional mixologists to take care of your guests, and all the “tools of the trade” to make your event a great success and you will never run out of the alcohol or glassware!

  • Signature and themed cocktail menus
  • Classic cocktails
  • Full open bar
  • Welcome drink
  • Free-alcohol menu
  • Kids menu (kids bar)
  • Cocktail party for professionals (bar, café-bar, restaurant-bar, hotel-bar)
  • Marketing-promotion of alcohol brands
  • On hire mobile bar units
Why us
Why us