We are a strategic consulting company based in Athens, with a focus on the hospitality industry. High quality service, passion and dedication to your business, are the main pillars of our company’s mindset.

Our team executes the highest level of service. We are knowledgeable, dedicated, and up-to-date with emerging trends. We will envision and design the ultimate experience for your brand. Providing services to suit individual company and business needs, with innovative approaches to the industry and ongoing support.

Our client’s success is our best letter of reference

Konstantinos Theodorakopoulos

Konstantinos is the person who established the idea of BART and he is the connecting link among the members of his team behind the bar. Along with his knowledge and experience, he brings years of heritage as his background numerates a range of awarded projects in various bars and restaurants around Athens and the Greek islands, while he holds a masterclass for spirits and train in wineries.

His love for dining service and his knowledge’s thirst led him to London, so as to gain more experience from abroad, visiting various global distilleries, with an eye for self-improvement. 

In addition to his involvement in famous bars with managerial, consulting and organizational roles, Konstantinos has worked various positions in the hospitality industry, and now he continues to expand his repertoire and encourage clients to push their boundaries.

Alexandros Tselepis

Alexandros has been working in the hospitality industry for 10 years in a row. Working as a bartender for various cocktail bars, and obsessed with flavor affinities, cocktails and bartending.

As a bar manager, he made to set up successful projects and made the Food n’ Cocktail pairing for various operations. His journey and work in London’s bar industry offered him the opportunity to complete the stage program for chefs.

Along with Konstantinos, they have successfully worked as consultants for numerous bars and restaurants.

Nikolaos Siskos

Nikos has been working in the field of alcohol and catering industry for more than 20 years, having in his CV rich experience as a bar operations manager in renowned Greek market bars, restaurants and hotels, such as Filothei Old Market, Passepartout, Ratka, Sani Resort and Casa Cocktail Bar Restaurant.

In 2013 he took over the establishment and general management of OAK winery, which now holds a leading position in the Greek beverage market, while since 2016 he has been working as a Freelancer Private Sommelier based in Geneva, Switzerland.

Nikos is  distinguished for his customer-centric approach with the aim of creating corporate value in all stages of operations management while he is characterized by his professionalism and consistency in everything he undertakes.

Panagiotis Barbitsas

Panagiotis is a highly skilled and dedicated Consultant Sommelier with exceptional wine knowledge and customer service excellence who can naturally service and educate customers exhibiting a high level of expertise.

He has major ability in designing and leading events on wine and food for individuals, corporate and industry clients, as well as consulting with restaurants and special gourmet food projects on wine lists, food and wine pairing, and staff training.

Panagiotis demonstrates courtesy, charm and excellent sales promotion skills. He is highly organized when dealing with reservations, staff scheduling and inventory management and can handle questions, special inquiries and complaints with skill, elegance and diplomacy.

Michalis Dimitrakopoulos

Michalis is considered one of the most experienced Greek Baristas. His love for coffee and his secrets, pushed him to search for the perfect blend. Thus, through a constant search with continuous training, seminars and personal experimentation, he managed to achieve this, as a result of which he was declared world champion at the Good Spirits and Barista World Champion Awards.

He is now the ambassador of many companies in the industry and also a judge at Barista National Games but also a distinguished consultant and trainer.

Simon Papanicolaou

Simon is a diverse entrepreneur with over of a decade of action.

His passion for entertainment and hospitality and his attraction to the food and drink industry, have led him to a journey from organizing successful gigs and events, to owing and managing bars, restaurants, and hospitality properties all over Greece.

Having established partnerships and acquaintances in the field, he founded BART to offer solutions to the constantly demanding and evolving F&B industry.

Our Mission

is to create the best type of your business, elevate your food and beverage service and deliver an elite and profitable outcome. Embracing a hands-on consulting philosophy and an entrepreneurial spirit, we provide end-to-end solutions in the bar industry.

We have built partnerships across Greece in bar consulting services for new and existing businesses (bar, café, restaurant, hotel, etc.) in order to help them have a better and more efficient operation. Our mission is to elevate food and beverage services around Greece and exceed our customer’s expectation by delivering an elite outcome.


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